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LED Willkommen Türlicht Logo Laser Cree Ghost Shadow Lampe Leucht für BMW

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LED goast shadow welcome light for BMW

Doean't fit for BMW E91/E38


With technology developing, laser light have been installed into more and more vehicles. Laser car LOGO welcome light is a new parts. It is manufactured by laser and optical high technology. The feature is very shine. If it is installed onto the car, the welcome light will be displayed on the ground after the door is opened, the owner are given more respect by the brand car. this light just like a welcome guards, when the owner is seating in car and close the door, the LOGO light disappear.

  • Snap-mounting method Without a large screw, no welding, just beneath the door lights replaced ,Installation is so simple.
  • Adopt High quality CHIP Durable, energy-saving, long life
  • Easy of installation : not require to drill a hole or dismantle the door of the car ,no breaking of car
  • If it is installed onto the car, the welcome light will be displayed on the ground after the door is opened, Just like a welcome light Close the door, the LOGO light disappear.
  • 3D Laser light of illuminated entry system
  • compatible with:

    BMW 1 Series E81, E87, E87N, E88

    BMW 5 Series E60, E60N, E61, E61N, F10 ,F11

    BMW 6 Series E63, E63N, E64, E64N

    BMW 7 Series E65, E66, E67, E68, F01, F02

    BMW X Series E70, E71, E83, E84,F25

    BMW Z Series E85, E86

2x LED Welcome light for BMW

  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Wattage: 3W/pc
  • Working Temperature: -40? to +150?
  • Dimension: 70mm(D) x 25mm(H)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

Fits for :

New BMW 7 Series 2009-2013 Year

Old BMW 7 Series 2003-2008 Year

New BMW 5 Series 2011-2013 Year

Old BMW 5 Series 2004-2009 Year

BMW GT 2010-2013 Year

BMW 6 Series 2007-2011 year

New BMW 3 Series 2013 Year (F30 F35)

All new X1 X3 X5 X6(2010-2013?


  • 2x welcome light